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Mill-Scale solutions and Services

Raute’s strategy is to offer mill-scale solutions and services allowing our customers to achieve the best efficiency and raw material utilization rate in veneer, Plywood and LVL industry globally.

Our solutions are based on extensive knowledge of wood species, technology and productions requirements. The use of real-time mill data provides detailed information about production performance and line availability. Be a leader in the industry and join the smart revolution.

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Mill Performance

Understanding your mill performance is the key to a profitable production. The use of big data and digital services provides unique opportunities in today’s production environments. The challenge is to get meaningful results of this specific data. Raute has designed powerful tools providing real-time views of your mill activities. Comprehensive reporting tools allow mill personnel to make precise operational decisions.

Spare Parts

The right part at the right time. As your life time partner we supply original Raute parts and components matched to your existing lines. Raute parts ensure high quality and a long service life.

Through our local presence, we offer the shortest possible lead times at competitive prices.


Inspect, prevent or repair.

Technical inspection and preventive maintenance are crucial to your mill uptime and productivity. Give your business a competitive advantage with Raute’s performance based service agreement.

Our experts are there to help.

Business Development & Training

Optimized production is a combination of production processes, people and technology. We test your raw material, prepare technical plan for your new production, train your personnel to adapt to processes and technology and prepare development plans to maintain efficient production in your changing conditions. Together, we will take your business to the next level.


Raute improves global customer support through eServices. Our customer portal provides a range of digital tools specially designed to support you anywhere at any time.

We digitalize your service experience.


Revolutionary technological innovations challenge the competitiveness of existing production lines. Raute is continuously developing new solutions for line upgrades and mill modernizations, helping customers to increase their profits. Together, we can reach world-class production efficiency.

Service Agreements

In order to stay competitive plywood and LVL business units have to reduce operational risks by maintaining production and maintenance operations on a high level. Precise maintenance procedures, adequate training, online monitoring systems and performance based services secure maximum efficiency and improve financial predictability.

Raute MillCARE Agreements are designed to make sure your business is running as planned.

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Line audits, technical reports and 24/7 online automation support


Maintenance procedures and online services for improved line reliability and productivity – in addition to BASICcare


A profound partnership with commonly set goals and clear targets – in addition to PLUScare


  • The P2 has Landed in North America

    In 2008, a P1 Patchman resided in Raute’s Canadian R&D department. As collaboration between Raute’s progressive engineering and Mecano’s advanced camera systems, the P1 automated the tedious process of both identifying veneer defects and simultaneously repairing them.

    With the quality and size of logs diminishing, manual patching became necessary to combat waste and utilize otherwise high quality full sheets. The P1 was Raute’s first effort in eliminating the laborious task that was time-consuming, incredibly slow, and prone to under/over processing.

    This particular P1 had undergone fanciful and practical experimentation all in the name of research, and it now sat idle, taking up space for newer advancements in engineering excellence. Knowing that Richmond Plywood specialized in overlay products that required meticulously perfect veneer and could utilize the automation of the P1, Raute contacted them and made them an offer to get this line operation in their mill.

    It was a historical occasion. Richmond Plywood installed the P1 Patch-man in their mill when the industry had just descended into a major recession. Customers were in the throes of a devastating housing crisis and Raute North America itself was about to tailspin as the North American economy came to a screeching halt.

    Raute indeed survived, and so did Richmond Plywood. Owing some of their success to the P1 during those lean requirement days, they are the only ply-wood mill still operational in the BC’s lower mainland.

    It was no surprise that the moment the P2, next generation Patchman became available in North America, with new functionality, state-of-the art cameras, and technologically advanced robotics and analyzers, that Richmond Plywood was the first company to sign on.

    “The advantages over the first generation Patchman were abundantly clear,” says Gurnam Minhas, Richmond Plywood. “It moves with precision and speed. Without the need for multiple operators, the cost savings are significant.”


    The P2 has landed in North America

    With their unique mill set up and diverse customer base, the need for high quality full sheets devoid of defects was paramount to their success, and Raute’s P2 promised to deliver a machine with a capacity guarantee that blew the com-petition out of the water.

    The first North American P2 was installed in 2016 and has been exceeding capacity guarantees ever since. “This was the brain child of a brilliant team of engineers and expert designers that were able to take advantage of every optimization available based on an exhaustive understanding of processing veneer,” says Martin Murphy, Senior Vice President, North America. “The P2 has raised the bar to new heights and will be the standard for unparalleled patching.

    ”Upgraded with G5 enabled technology, it is the highest capacity patching line in North America, with the most accurate color camera detection system and motion control available today.

    That booming success was heard at Bessemer Plywood, in Bessemer, Michigan. With the resurgence of the plywood industry, Bessemer is making a calculated investment bolstered by generous industry forecasts, climbing housing demands, and a lack of workers to operate outdated machines. Installation is slated for early 2018, and Bessemer is eyeing those capacity numbers to increase their recovery and profits, lower their costs, and help them secure a continuously profitable future.

  • Peeling line modernization in Sveza Uralskiy

    Raute peeling line modernizations at Sveza Uralsky

  • Moelven improves Plywood production

    The Swedish Moelven Vänerply ab is a Scandinavian wood products manufacturer with 52 production units in Sweden and Norway. The wide product range covers sawn timber, plywood and a large variety of other engineered wood materials and related services for the Scandinavian construction industry. Products are also exported, mainly to Europe and the Middle East. Moelven focuses strongly on product development and new technical innovations to secure its position among its customers.

    MOELVEN WAS ESTABLISHED in the 1970s and after the acquisition of the other Swedish plywood producer, Vänerply AB in 2011, Moelven is now the only plywood manufacturer in Scandinavia, and has an annual production of about  90 000 m3 or 6 million m2 of spruce and pine plywood in 2400×1200 to 3080×1220 mm formats and in thicknesses ranging between 9 and 28 mm.


    In 2014 Moelven launched a development program for the entire plywood mill. The target was a higher automation level, reduced manpower and savings in raw material and glue consumption. In order to cope with the competition from Finland, Russia and South America, it was necessary to improve the effectivity of production and focus on new innovative technical products in order to maintain the position of ply-wood within the construction industry, and to create new uses. As the only machinery supplier of technology for the entire plywood manufacturing process, Raute was chosen to supply the new technology for the mill. According to Mr. Arne Carlström, Production Manager of Moelven, the choice was based on the experience of a long cooperation. “We know Raute’s products are good. Raute is able to supply the entire modernization and to secure sup-port and necessary services. An important thing for us is the practical location of Raute to us; operating in neighboring countries makes access easy both ways, and we can rely on a quick response to our service needs on short notice”, says Mr. Carlström.


    Moelven decided to go for an upgrade of their COE peeling line. According to Mr. Carlström, the aim was to improve the line recovery. The Raute delivery included a Smart-Scan HD, AC servo controlled XY set-works, a new knife carriage, a VCA clipper scanner with an upgrade of the RCH clipper control as well as a stacker with a stack unloading system. The Siemens S7 DC drives and the tray control system were replaced. The delivery and installation were performed in three phases. The incorporation of the new Raute mechanical and automation components succeeded well and the overall installation schedule was met despite some minor delays that occurred during the process.


    Over the years, Moelven has invested in a combination of new lines and modernization of old. “We find modernization in general a good option to upgrade existing lines”, says Mr. Carlström. Modernization generally involves challenges when new components are incorporated in an existing line delivered by another supplier. The biggest challenges concerned the lathe automation and electronics, and keeping the installation times. The most challenging phases were solved by Raute’s experts so that delays were kept to the minimum. “With this modernization, we have been able to increase our production in terms of volume per hour, and that was also what we aimed for. The veneer quality improved and we also save in labor costs as the line is now fully automated and runs practically unmanned”, says Mr. Carlström. With this supply Raute has been able to meet Moelven’s expectations and targets, and help Moelven to succeed even better in future.


    The mill development project also includes two Raute composing lines with one common operator platform in between. To replace several manual roller lay-up lines a Raute high-efficient automatic line with one-side gluing has also been supplied. To cope with the higher process efficiency, the next step in mill development is the veneer dryer agreement signed between Moelven and Raute in February 2017. The new dryer will be in operation in the beginning of next year. All delivered lines and modernizations will be covered under Raute’s knowhow combining material flow of the different lines and processes into one optimized process.

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